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About Our Church

BWUCC - Church Front Entrance

We’re confident that you will discover a truly warm welcome here from our growing congregation.  We draw people from Bridgewater, of course, but also from surrounding towns like Brookfield and New Milford.

Ours is a Congregational church, which means it is organized basically as a democracy where most all of the decisions about church life are ultimately made by the congregation.


Our Mission Statement guides our community:  “The Bridgewater Congregational Church seeks to be a Christ-centered, loving community of faith, welcoming to all, a supportive and joyful home for each individual’s spiritual journey, energetically committed to sharing God’s love through fellowship and service.”  


We’re a member church of the United Church of Christ, which is a mainline Protestant denomination that emerged from the Protestant Reformation and found root in the earliest days of the American Republic.  This particular congregation dates back to 1803.

For a more detailed look at our early history click here.

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