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Spiritual Growth

One of the marks of a vibrant church is the ability for both children and adults to become mature in their faith. As Paul put it, “so we shall all come together to that oneness in our faith and until all of us are united in the faith and in the full knowledge of the Son of God.”


The Sunday school  is guided by Fran Kelly and an education committee of six people. The Sunday school follows a Biblically-based curriculum that seeks to teach children basic bible stories and other lessons of Christian living.

Sunday School 
Sunday School
Baptism and Confirmation

Baptism and Confirmation in a Congregational church are two milestones in the life of a child who is born into the faith of Christian parents.  At baptism, the parents (and often Godparents, and indeed the whole congregation) promise to raise and nurture the child in Christian faith and practice, a process that begins at baptism.  Then, when the child comes to the age of reason and is able to affirm the promises of the parents, a series of teaching steps called Confirmation brings children to their own faith in Christ and full participation in the life of the church.  Never just a ritual or formality, these are invaluable marks on the way to a mature faith and membership in Christ’s body.

Those seeking baptism or confirmation for their children should speak with the pastor.

Bible Study

The Bible Study is led by the Pastor and has a robust following of people. Participants engage in discussions and questions as the meaning of the scriptures are considered for the people to whom they were first written as well as their current implications. 


Please see the home page for our newest Bible Study or Book Group offering. 

Adult Bible Study
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